Là où je vis


At the crossroads of dance, experimental music and visual art, Là où je vis reveals the troubling mechanics underlying a meticulous orchestration of bodies-bodies which act as translators of the agitation within them. They are the embodiments of thought, giving the work its impetus, its rhythm. Here it conveys the agitation felt by the dancers, the urgency and desire that drives them to move and to interact in a space that modulates, transforms or changes colour according to the actions of media artist Manon De Pauw. Appearing on stage at a luminous work table, the artist presents a visual performance in line with her own artistic practices. Trompe-l’oeil, optical illusions and other visual effects unfold alongside filmed elements projected on stage.

In Là où je vis, the expressive dance arises from the history of each of the dancer’s bodies, a legacy transmitted through the surface of the skin. The inherently spontaneous, instinctive and intuitive dance is set against music composed by sound artist Nancy Tobin, who has previously collaborated on three major works by Danièle Desnoyers. She has hère created a score composed of voice and diverse sounds of great emotional density, as unfaltering as it unexpected.




Artistic director and Choreographer
Danièle Desnoyers

Dancers at time of the creation
Clara Furey
Alan Lake
Pierre-Marc Ouellette
Fredéric Tavernini
Catherine Viau

Sound designer
Nancy Tobin

Visual artist
Manon de Pauw

Guy Cools

Lighting designer
Marc Parent

Costumes designer
Denis Lavoie, Le Carrée Vert

Additional music
Nicht mehr zu dir zu gehen (Opus 32/2) de Johannes Brahms, texte de Hv Daumer, adaptation anglaise de Lewis Furey, Forget you

Clara Furey

Rehearsal director
Sophie Corriveau

Là où je vis is a production of Le Carré des Lombes, co-producted by Agora de la danse (Montreal), the Festival TransAmériques (Montreal) and Le Grand Théâtre - Ville de Lorient (France).